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Work in Progress

You might remember this stitched panel. I've started the painting on it today using acrylics. I've thrown out a variety of different ideas before settling on the checkerboard. This is the first layer. Hopefully, although the pattern is strong, it doesn't overwhelm the seed heads which should still be the main event.

I've added other paint layers to soften the tones of the checkerboard and add more colour.

The way the paint sits differently on the smooth board and stitches textile is always interesting. It's pointless trying to lose the edge of the stitched bit because there is such a shift in surface and of course the textile is thicker and raised. Hopefully just painting across the two is enough to marry them together.

There's more to do on this one, but I need to let this stage dry first.

Meanwhile, I've looked back at this panel which you might remember is one of the offcuts from the 'Laura and Amelie' portrait panel. This is the easiest of the …

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