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September, I missed you!

I love September and I've nearly missed the whole month in a blurred haze of medical mayhem. There were some highs amongst the lows, including a certain someone's birthday party.

(I didn't check permission to post the photo from the other moms and dads, hence the fuzzed out faces). Yes, that's a real life, ginormous snake weighing about 14 stone. It got closer and closer to the ground as their little arms got tired!
If you're a DMTV viewer then you'll know I've been out of action just lately. I've not been at all myself for quite a while now, but you know how it is, you just keep going and and think you'll start to feel better in the morning. Well, collapsing and taking an ambulance ride with paramedics to the hospital put pay to that. Turns out I'm very, very anaemic. We're not sure why yet, so there are lots of fun tests to come, but in the meantime they pepped me up with a blood transfusion because my levels were pretty much on the floor.

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