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Art Therapy?

So while I've not been feeling 100% I've been filling time by doing some hand stitching. I posted photos as I worked on my Instagram feed (hope you follow along!). And on some of the posts people commented how therapeutic it is to do the stitching. That set me thinking, because I actually feel quite the opposite and don't find it therapeutic at all! Why?

I think the general preconception is that the repetitive task of hand stitching is calming and meditative. I don't know if it's because I've done so much hand stitch in my life, but for me it's much more mechanical than that. My brain isn't engaged in the doing of it and that leaves my mind to wander. Having time to think (and therefore worry) when it's an anxious time isn't conducive to relaxation. Well not for me anyway!

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy doing the stitching, but it's not the distraction that it needs to be at the moment. I have been thinking that if I want to take my mind…

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